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First Day With An iPhone 4s

posted on Thursday 9th of February 2012 in , ,

Yesterday I received my new iPhone. Kind of necessary since my old one
is trying to die really, really hard since the rain accident. First thing
I noticed: iCloud or an Exchange server should be a standard for everyone.
Since I had not many chances to use it I only have some short points and
my first impression.

Compared to my 3g the new iPhone improved a lot. It is a point in every
keynote where I am a bit skeptical but holding it just feels right. And
I really did not believe that it would make such a difference, especially
the screen. Speech quality and reception also improved a lot.

I am a bit disappointed by Siri. I do not know if the German localization
is not complete or still in beta or if my dialect is just too much for
her but sometimes, not always, there are some misunderstandings. And I
believe that some of the features I have seen in commercials / shows
just do not work right now. But overall it is fun using her. Oh and I
know how wrong this sounds and that we should come up with a better