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Short Update

posted on Wednesday 11th of January 2012 in ,

I do not know if you ever founded a business or a start up. If you have not
I suggest that you take some time, think of something cool you really love
and start one. It is fun. It is exciting. It is on of the reasons why I had
so much fun and work the last few days.

Beside some problems with moving and founding a business everything went
really smooth. The only real problem is that our fiscal authorities
are sticking to some wired and stupid rules. I moved in my new flat in
October 2010. I am not added to the fiscal authorities files till now. Without
any note that I really live here they cannot hand out everything I need to
write invoices.

After some days I have some clients, nearly finished my first two jobs and
I believe that this will be a lot of fun.


I am currently working on some design improvements. Especially the archive
page. Currently it is just a list but in the next few days there will be
some visible changes.

There also is a good chance that there will be a way to improve the URLs.
I managed to create a rewrite rule that allows me to use tld/foo/ URLs
that are rewritten to foo.html


I now have two more projects using Zenbo and I did not need to add or
remove features. The initial version is just great and helps building
every kind of page.

Social Web

I took a few minutes to decide what social networks I will use to build a
community around my new business. I will stick to Twitter, Facebook, Xing,
Linked In and Google+.

Creating all profiles, filling in the most important data and managing to
stay out of the sight from people that know you is not easy. I want a big
start with everything going live together and this would not be possible if
people start talking about it now.

I think I will stick with Facebook as primary platform and just link
to updates from other sites. Currently Facebook seems like the only real option
if you want to build a community. There are the most users, you are flexible
and you are free how to add it to your page.

Next few days

I will be on vacation from Friday to Monday or Tuesday. Just a few days
without work, without anything beside fun and my (maybe little bit
grumpy) girlfriend… Do you know those times when you hope that your girl
is not reading your blog?