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A New Year

posted on Monday 2nd of January 2012 in

A new year is always fun. I do not really count to the group of people
that always think about new stuff to do because a date changed or that
try to make live-changing decisions and always brag how they will change.
But I have some plans for this year.

The first and most important one is that I will start a new business.
I will not close my old one but run them side by side. There will be a
long post explaining what I will be doing, but this takes some more days
till everything is set. Short preview: I am back – doing IT things.

Beside that I will be traveling a bit more – well at least I think I
will but that depends on my precious one.

I also try to accomplish two new things. Learn a new language. The race
is close but I think I will learn how to communicate with the most arrogant,
ignorant and most hated people I have ever met. France,…

Beside that I will finally get a new ‘E’-string for my guitar and play
from time to time. This will be lowest priority since my business will
take most of my time.

Have Fun

I hope you all have a great year, a lot of fun, accomplish your goals
and just stay as awesome as you are now.